Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You know you live in Hollywood when...

These little tidbits were adding up so I thought I'd give you all a glimpse into what has become my everyday life.

So here it is, if only slightly less entertaining than "You might be a Red Neck if..."

You know you live in Hollywood when...

- you have to account for movie premiers or movie/tv show sets when calculating your daily commute time and route

- you see Jay Leno filming "Jay Walking" while at a stop light

- paying $4 to park at the gym for an hour doesn't surprise you

- heels and full make-up are necessary when going to brunch, the movies, or just to get coffee

- the black cars driving around madly are not cops, they are paparazzi

- a trip to the beach entails a 45 minute drive, each way, on the freeway, searching for a parking spot for over an hour, carving out a tiny patch of sand, and drowning out the sound of hundreds of drunk, dressed up, wannabe volleyball players at "6 Man"...but you just might get to see a pod of dolphins surfing

- you see a "star track" picture and think "man i was right there today, must have just missed them!"

- Whole Foods is not the only place to shop that will cost you your whole paycheck. Gelsons, Henry's and even Trader Joe's are right up there!

- Celebrity whims really do dictate everyday life items. For example, you're hard pressed to find a place to get a good smoothie anymore, now it's all about the fresh juice.

- you wonder whats up with the thundering swarm of helicopters overhead and then realize that your office is only a few miles away from the Beverly Hills Courthouse and Linsday Lohan is there, again

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  1. Thanks Hannah for the great post! Wish I had read it before seeing you last weekend. It really is quite an interesting & different place that you live. We'll have to find an easier way to do the beach though. I must go!!! I'm missing boogey boarding!!